Through the added layer of light we can bring a sense of excitement and stylish décor to any event, regardless if you are looking to accent the room or change the entire appearance.

This method of lighting involves placing light fixtures on the ground, and pointing them upwards to enhance a plain surface such as a wall or pillar and give them color, it can also make a room look taller.

LED lighting is energy efficient, it will not require additional power costs, or run any risk of electrical circuitry failure. This technology offers a palate of colors unsurpassable by conventional lighting fixtures. These lights will not overheat or omit a burning odor therefore safer for your guests.

Monogram Lighting:
Customize the look of any event with a personalized Gobo, on your Dance floor or wall.
For Corporate Parties Logos can be used to enhance the reception.

Video Montage:
Tell the story with pictures via video projection.

Dance Floor lighting:
For less formal events dance floor lighting can add an amazing level of intensity and really get the crowd going at the appropriate stages of the party.

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